June 2021

The villa boasts an award-winning wildlife garden.

The spacious garden around the villa offers a variety of retreats for conversations, quiet reading, but also sports and games and the careful observation of flora and fauna:

  • Deadwood hedges with wild roses,
  • Anthill (of the red wood ant),
  • Beehives,
  • Herb beds,
  • Thistles and nettles,
  • a Mediterranean rock garden,
  • Lizard biotopes,
  • Cornelian cherries and berry bushes

bring lively diversity to our garden. The colorful mixture from the cottage garden to the flower meadow blooms from February to November and offers a habitat for animals and plants in unimagined numbers. The consistent avoidance of chemical-synthetic fertilizers and pesticides must of course be offset by a lot of manual work.


Keeping bees is fun. Keeping bees is more than keeping bees. When dealing with the bees, the eye for nature is also sharpened.